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Zimbabwe in Trouble, No Round 3 and Africa's Badass Women

Zimbabwe in Trouble, No Round 3 and Africa's Badass Women
By TheBrief • Issue #38 • View online
Welcome to the first episode of The Brief of 2020 where we bring you news from across Nigeria and Africa!
Quote of the Week:
To hell with circumstances; I create opportunities.” — Bruce Lee
Do something wonderful, people may imitate it.” — Albert Schweitzer

What's The Palava? (What's Going On In Nigeria?)
No 2023 visions
Nigerian presidents are constitutionally allowed to hold the top office for two terms of four years. Lately there has been speculation that President Buhari might seek to run for a third term and potentially have the constitution amended to permit this. This would put President Bubu in very low company i.e. the likes of many other African dictators.
While this should go without saying, Nigeria is an interesting place where this kind of thing is possible. Especially with a previous president attempting something similar. As such, the Presidency has had to publicly denounce the rumors, going so far as to describe the speculation as as “internet-based gossip and un-informed media commentary”.
The Presidency has also said that Buhari would “serve his full second elected term in office, ending 2023 and then there shall be a general election in which he will not be a candidate.”
For once, Nigeria has refused to reward incompetence. We love to see it.
Do As I Say, Not As I Do
President Muhammadu Buhari, Nigeria’s most prolific travel blogger, has stated that “Nigerians can’t continue going overseas for treatment”.
The President, who himself had travelled to the United Kingdom for treatment on several occasions, stated this at the opening of the Alex Ekwueme Federal University Teaching Hospital through a representative.
Talk about tone-deaf.
What's Going On Across Africa?
South Africa Learns the Wrong Lessons From Nigeria
South Africa’s cash-strapped and scandal-riddled energy company Eskom has been battling to keep the lights on.
This week it announced that it would extend electricity cuts until 5 a.m. local time (0300 GMT) on Monday. South Africa is learning all the wrong lessons from its brother Nigeria, including how to keep your people in darkness.
Zimbabwe Faces A Bleak 2020
As well as hyperinflation, Zimbabwe has been hit by severe drought in parts of the country. The UN World Food Programme (WFP) warned on Tuesday that food supplies will run out in early 2020 (end of February to be precise) unless urgent assistance is provided.
According to the UN, more than 2.2 million people in urban Zimbabwe and 5.5 million others in rural areas are at risk of starvation due to a drought in the last agriculture season and a prolonged dry spell.
Guinea-Bissau Decides
Mr Embalo
Mr Embalo
Former Guinea-Bissau Prime Minister Umaro Cissoko Embalo has been elected president after winning a run-off vote against another ex-prime minister.
What in the world??
(our segment where we highlight the most outrageous story we have come across while scraping the web for news articles for you).
We have taken to using what we call the Ehn scale. The longer the Ehn the more incredulous. For example, President Buhari is not Nigeria’s most prolific travel blogger: Ehnnnnn? Got it?
Owo Ni Koko (All That Matters is Money)
Killing my girlfriend was in vain, it didn’t bring money – Owolabi, boyfriend of slain LASU student – Punch Newspapers
Craziest headline of 2020?
Rating: Ehnnnnnnnn?????????????
On a serious note, this is incredibly morbid and shows the lengths people will go to make money in the oppressive Nigerian economy. We’re dizzy.
Editor's Corner
Here’s some food for thought from James Clear:
James Clear
What you want > What you have = Desire

What you want < What you have = Delight

What you want = What you have = Contentment
Also check out this awesome article on the forgotten role of women in the African independence struggle:
Africa's women have been forgotten from its independence history — Quartz Africa
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