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Operation Run Me My Money, Your Voice Matters and Who Guards The Guards?

Operation Run Me My Money, Your Voice Matters and Who Guards The Guards?
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Welcome to this week’s episode of The Brief where we bring you news from across Nigeria and Africa!
Quote of the Week:
It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently.
- Warren Buffett
There is no passion to be found playing small - in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.
- Nelson Mandela

What's the Palava (What's going on in Nigeria?)
Share the Pie
Governor David Umahi of Ebonyi has approved the appointment of 513 additional aides to serve as his Technical Assistants (TA).
This is in one of the poorest countries in Nigeria with one of the lowest literacy rates has found that this is its best use of its limited funds. Sen -what? Sensational!
Nigeria Can Teach Olivia Pope the Work
There are scandals and there are scandals. The Nigerian government is an entity particularly well practiced in the latter. Check out this breakdown from our friends at Stears Business explaining why Nigeria currently owes a tiny British company $9.8 billion (you read that right).
Operation Run Me My Money
Kaduna Man Charged For Duping Nigerian Army General Of $156 Million And N80 Million - The Trent | Internet Newspaper
Where does a Nigerian Army General get $156 million and N80 million? Curiouser and curiouser.
Our Voices Matter
The dreaded social media bill has suffered a serious blow this week as the Nigerian Senate were forced to remove the maximum penalty of death by hanging after an outcry from the people and several petitions were signed.
Senator Sabi Abdullahi, the sponsor of the controversial Hate Speech Bill, bowed to pressure declaring on Sunday that his proposed legislation would be amended to remove death penalty as the maximum punishment for offenders. Further, the Senate has promised that the bill will undergo a redraft to ensure it is in line with the view of Nigerians as a whole.
What’s the point: Never let anyone tell you that your vote, and more importantly, your voice do not matter. We can make a change, and the future we want
Check out this infographic from the good people at Premium Times while you’re at it!
It’s Lit
A Dutch company is promising to power a million Nigerian homes via solar power by 2025. Seeing is believing but that would be amazing.
What's going on across Africa?
Bridging The Gap
A fourth major bridge is being built in Cote d'Ivoire, but to achieve this the government is pushing low-income families out of their homes, a recurring problem across much of Africa. Read here (article in French).
Wild Times in Guinea-Bissau
Guinea-Bissau, a country known for coups and the cocaine trade, handed its incumbent president a crushing and embarrassing electoral defeat. Support for Jose Mario Vaz slumped to just 12% as two of his former prime ministers qualified for December’s run-off vote.
Africa Gets It Right
Female Board Representation’s Surprising Champion Is Africa - Bloomberg
Africa is the continent with the most female representation on the boards of its companies. In Africa, one in four board members are female. That’s better than second-placed Europe at 23% . Check it out!
What in the world???
(our segment where we highlight the most outrageous story we have come across while scraping the web for news articles for you)
We have taken to using what we call the Ehn scale. The longer the Ehn the more incredulous. For example, President Buhari is not Nigeria’s most prolific travel bloggerEhnnnnn? Got it?
Who Guards the Guards?
Hope Olusegun Aroke carried out a million-dollar fraud while serving a 24-year jail sentence - for fraud. Who were his co-conspirators? The head of the maximum-security priosn and a prison doctor.

Rating: What a time to be alive. Also Ehhhhhhhnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

Editor's Corner
Last week, we promised to share something we had read which made us stop and think. For us it was this:
Ryan Stephens 🥃
Picasso created more than 50,000 works of art.

How many are considered masterpieces that we still admire today?

About a 100.

Less than 1% of his creations are still relevant.

Stop trying to be perfect.

It's a numbers game.

Start creating.

Be courageous enough to share.
That’s all life is. A series of iterations and games. Speaking to older entrepreneurs always provides one key realisation, they do not build sand castles in the air, no waiting around editing all sorts of business plans. They immediately test out their hypothesis to see whether the business is viable. They just start. So what are you starting this month/in 2020?
“It is by winning against impossible odds that one can truly achieve glory and prestige.”
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