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Going (for) Broke, Prime Murder Mystery and a Champion's Homecoming

Going (for) Broke, Prime Murder Mystery and a Champion's Homecoming
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Welcome to this week’s episode of The Brief where we bring you news from across Nigeria and Africa! We have another contribution from Fola Pinheiro this week!
Quote of the Week:
Between stimulus and response, there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response.
- Viktor Frankl

What's The Palava? (What's Going On In Nigeria?)
Going (for) Broke
Nigeria has less than 49 years to figure things out.
According to the country’s Department of Petroleum Resources (the “DPR”), Nigeria will run out of oil in 49 years. This is based on the current estimated reserves available for the country, but there is the possibility these reserves could increase if more investment is allocated towards exploration.
This is interesting when we consider that the Nigerian government receives more than 70% of its revenue from the sale of oil through the Nigerian National Petroleum Company. One thing that is assured is oil is not the future of Nigeria. This begs two questions: (i) What will Nigeria do without oil? and (ii) Is the government preparing adequately for that future?
Visa Vexation
The European Union is planning to tighten the procedures for getting a Schengen Visa for Nigerians. They have accused the Nigerian government of failing to play its part in the return and readmission of its nationals staying illegally in Europe. Read more here.
A Champion’s Homecoming
Anthony Oluwafemi Olaseni Joshua, OBE - two-time unified heavyweight champion. Welcome home.
Nigeria’s Living Standards Measurement Study
The good people at Stears Business have analyzed the results of the Nigerian Living Standards Measurement Study. Check out the in-depth read!
What's Going On Across Africa?
A Plague of Locusts
Desert locust swarms the size of cities are threatening millions of people with hunger in East Africa.
Experts say the most damaging infestation of the insects in decades is destroying crops and pastures at a voracious pace, and the situation will probably get worse before it gets better. Whole communities rise early in the morning to try chase off the insects, banging on plastics containers and pots and pans, blowing whistles and honking motorcycle horns. 
Chasing the locusts away
Chasing the locusts away
South Africa Does It Better / Does SA Have Two Heads?
In Issue #42 and Issue #43, we reported on how the Lagos state government officially banned motorcycles and tricycles in most parts of the State. Bike-hailing companies such as ORide,, and Gokada have been affected by this ban. It has also been reported that Lagos State plans on going after ride-hailing apps, like Uber and Bolt (a recent protest by Uber drivers in response). As a result, jobs have been lost, traffic has worsened, and innovation has been stifled.
Let us compare with what has been going on in South Africa. This week, the South African Competition Commission (the Commission) produced a report on competition in the taxi industry. Their report showed that ride-hailing apps were consistently cheaper than metered taxis. This was primarily because, among other things, the apps were not subject to pricing regulations and the price-setting mechanism that the Minister of Transport used to determine the fare structure for metered taxis.
Did they decide to ban ride-hailing apps? Or introduce strict regulation on them? Surprisingly, no. They recommended that, among other things, the pricing regulations and price-setting mechanism be removed in order to level the playing field, catalyse competition, and improve consumer welfare.
Hooray for Huawei
Safaricom, owner’s of MPesa and a big player in East Africa’s telecoms space, will consider contracting Huawei to engineer its 5G network this year. The United States government has expressed concerns over China’s lead in the development of 5G technology. However Michael Joseph, Safaricom’s CEO, doesn’t think Africa has to be caught up in the ongoing wahala. “We will use Huawei in 5G. What will we do in terms of the American statements about not using Huawei? We don’t have that situation in Africa”.
The Chinese company previously built Safaricom’s 2G, 3G and 4G networks. MPesa, Safaricom’s flagship product, is also based on Huawei’s mobile money platform.
What in the world??
(our segment where we highlight the most outrageous story we have come across while scraping the web for news articles for you). We have taken to using what we call the Ehn scale. The longer the Ehn the more incredulous.
Prime Minister Murder Mystery
Lesotho’s Prime Minister, Thomas Thabane, is to face a murder charge over the death of his estranged wife, Lilopelo Thabane. Lipolelo, 58, had reportedly refused to divorce her husband and won a court battle to retain her privileges as first lady until any formal separation. 
Thabane remarried two months after her death. His second wife, Maesaiah, 42, was charged with murder this month after briefly fleeing the country.
The above is some of the wildest news this year, however, the fact that an African leader can be punished for his crimes gives hope for the continent as a whole.
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Editor's Corner
3 Thoughts:
  1. The act of making something will force you to learn more deeply than reading ever will.
  2. A thought on “overnight success”: What you are witnessing is the hour of opportunity unleashing the potential energy of previous choices. It was not one decision, but the accumulated power of all that came before. The fuse was lit on a loaded cannon.
  3. An Indian proverb on living with purpose: “Every time you wake up and ask yourself, ‘What good things am I going to do today?’ remember that, when the sun goes down at sunset, it will take a part of your life with it.”

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